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BoxCat artist pic


Skate Punk

Zine-fuelled punk rock, discussing mental health, millennial trauma, and growing up in poverty. BoxCat were formed in 2018, by 4 friends, and have enjoyed a growing audience over the past 2 years.

Their debut E.P was met by critical praise and radio play from as near as BBC Wales, to local Australian stations. They will open for Hands off Gretel in Dec 2020, in what will be their biggest appearance yet.


Rock/blues rock

Visceral and powerful, while under the radar Fiasco have made strides to becoming a band that’s on everyone’s ears. Their unique brand of blues-rock has been known to energise and mesmerize audiences across South Wales and further afield. With such a defined sound, a balance of grit, blues and progressive elements, Fiasco are set to challenge the blues-rock scene across the UK.

Ignitemares band on stairs


Punk / Emo

Ignitemares are a 3 Piece pop punk / punk rock / emo band from South Wales. Writing a mix of classic pop punk tunes with weirder, more serious and honest rock songs, Ignitemares are trying to relive their youth musically whilst recognising the troubled adults that they are.

Luke Seymoup

Luke Seymoup is Melbourne’s busiest man in Punk. Self described as “one nerdy guy with a whole lot of feelings,” his music mixes Pop Punk and Emo with a hearty dose of 90s Powerpop. He wants to make you feel good about feeling terrible.
No murder no moustache artist pic

No Murder No Moustache


No Murder No Moustache fuses anti-establishment punk rock with celtic acoustic sounds. On one hand you can expect songs about bad governments, anti-facism, coming together to fight injustice, mental health struggles, people who died too young, and retrospective terrible life decisions. 

This is broken up by songs about video games, being intimated by teenagers at the skate park, drinking beer, and trying not to be a poser.

Penelope Tree


Hailing from Reading, Berkshire, pop-punk quartet Penelope Tree is made up of Vocalist/Guitarist Glenn Davidson, Guitarist Joe Quigley, Bassist Jamie Harris and Drummer/Vocalist Chris Cooley. Formed in late 2015 the four-piece created their unique brand of “Pop-Punk with Feels”.

The band has grown since their debut EP, whilst maintaining the empathy, poignance, and sincerity that has cultivated their reputation as a powerhouse of raw emotion in the UK scene.

The band Sexy Pretty Things stand in the the doorway of a brightly decorated building.

Sexy Pretty Things


Four punk-spirited misfits combining raw energy and catchy melodies through a multitude of genres, sounding fresh yet strangely familiar.

That Which Ate The Moon


We are a four-piece stoner metal band from Newport, South Wales, focusing on bringing injustices and suffering in the world to light. Formed in late 2018 with a finalised gig-ready line up by January 2019.  We are predominantly stoner metal incorporating elements of psychedelic rock and hardcore.  

Wolfpunch artist pic


SKA / Punk

WolfPunch are a politically charged Ska/Punk band from South Wales. After splitting in 2016 to follow other projects (and to prevent gruesome murders), WolfPunch have reformed as a two-piece, with new material and new versions of previous songs. 

Taking influence from every corner of the Punk community, From Protopunk pioneers The Stooges, Death & MC5 to Ska/Punk bands such as Rancid & Dirty Revolution. Passing The Ramones, GBH &The Oppressed on the way. We stand by our politics as firmly as we stand by our right to get fucked up.

We’re the new party punks. Fuck off.

Woodsman artist pic

The Woodsman

Punk Rock

A dangerous new noise from the South Wales Valleys. The Woodsman produce a noise that you could not imagine coming from a three piece band without a bassist. You have never heard a band like this before… 

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