About Smash Mouse

Steadily coming to fruition in the Summer of 2019, Smash Mouse Records is a fresh look at what a Record Label could be.

We are a record label with a compassionate and community spirit, encouraging our bands and musicians to form social ties, and help each other, regardless of their background.

We strive to improve accessibility to music, and the representation of marginalised groups.

We are anti-cliques, we work with our fellow record labels and promoters, rather than seeing them as competition, and we encourage our bands to treat each other, and everyone else involved in the industry with the same respect.

We operate a “for the bands, by the bands” approach, where all the bands that are involved with Smash Mouse have the opportunity not only to shape how we operate, but also help with the day-to-day running of the label at whichever level they feel is appropriate.

We are involved in zine culture, offering several release as a zine with a download code as a physical copy. We also distribute Vinyl, CDs, Cassette, and merch for our bands.

We recognise the importance of live music and regularly put on shows in South Wales, running our own festival every February. “Smash Fest: Cardiff Punk and Alt Festival”.

In our first year of running, we have taken on 6 bands, put out 14 releases (including 1 compilation), and organised 18 events. This is more than we expected, and we are so proud of what we have created so far. We can’t wait to see where it goes…