Smash Mouse Zine 5

It’s been a while, but we’re zine-ing again!

This one is a little different when compared to the last. It’s been a while since the last and a lot has changed for us, and for the world around us. Smash Mouse is now a Record Label. This zine, however, reaches beyond that, just as it did before.

We’ll look at music, poetry, Drag, and no doubt, a host of other topics. We’ve got quite a few guests featured including our own No Murder No Moustache, The Woodsman Kayleigh Morgan of Ignitemares, and Aaron Hopkins of Fake Friends. Then we also have Next Year, and Joe Wag of Crush Hate Fest promotions, here to answer some burning questions.

There’s lots of my artwork dotted around the zine, and little bits of writing here and there. Kay has included her latest reviews from Loud Mouse too.

So make yourself a cuppa, slap on some tunes, and dive right into this zine!

smash mouse zine picture