Ignitemares - Bombs and Promises - Single

It’s here! Ignitemares drop their single ‘Bombs and Promises Today!

From the band:

‘We had a lot of fun with this and figured we’d give you guys some background.

Right when lockdown was about to start, Matt had dropped off equipment and our instruments to Kay’s house and Rob’s house, including a spare macbook and an electric drum kit for Rob – neither of which he knew how to use.

We spent the beginning of lockdown practising different recordings (some sucked) and just testing out writing abilities whilst separated. We saw that Pi and Hash Music had posted a songwriting challenge where they gave you a song title for you to write to. We chose “Bombs and Promises” out of the options because it sounded like a bad anti-US Green Day song, so that’s what we ended up writing.

The chorus was the main part to come first with the initial lyrics flowing really easily, and the verses were strapped on after. We intentionally went for a tongue-in-cheek, simple classic pop punk style to get the Green Day parody effect, and tried to toe the line lyrically between satire and commentary. Overall the process was really fun and despite being a rough around the edges recording, the overall charm of the number was hard to ignore and we were happy to pursue it.

We wanna thank Pi and Hash Music for the challenge because we ended up with a dope song we probably wouldn’t have written, which I’m sure will end up being a stage staple of ours in the future. Thanks guys!’ 

If you’ve not had a chance to hear it yet, it’s available on all streaming platforms now.

Cover of the bombs and promises release by ignitemares